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Paul A. Keily, Esq.


Real Estate:

Attorney Keily practices in the area of real estate conveyances and mortgage lending services.  He represents buyers, sellers, and refinance borrowers and lenders in all of their real estate and mortgage transactions.  Attorney Keily is an approved attorney for many lenders and is a title insurance agent for the top title insurance companies.  Most importantly, as a result of the expertise and efficiencies of Attorney Keily and his paralegal staff, we are able to provide these services at a competitive fee structure. 

Probate & Wills:

Attorney Keily provides representation to clients for the probating of estates, prepares wills, powers of attorney and living wills/medical directives.



Attorney Keily practices in landlord/tenant law and has a wide range of experience at the trial level.  He represents either the landlord or the tenant, depending on the situation.  Settlements are negotiated or court action is taken depending on the client’s wishes and expectations.  He works with clients to provide solutions and advice best suited for their specific circumstances.  


Civil Litigation:

Attorney Keily has broad experience at the trial and appellate level in state court.  He provides comprehensive advice to clients depending on their needs.  He has represented individuals and businesses as both plaintiffs and defendants.  He works with clients to provide a solution best suited for their situations.  Attorney Keily recognizes the high costs of litigation and strives to provide excellent services at affordable prices and does his best to achieve cost-effective results.  From sophisticated contractual disputes to collection cases, he has experience in a diverse range of civil matters. 

Attorney Keily, along with his partner Jennifer Mira, who was critical in writing the brief for the court while she was in her second year of law school at UConn Law, prevailed on an issue of first impression in the CT Supreme Court case of Somers v. Busch, 927 A. 2d 832 - Conn: Supreme Court 2007, which established clear rules on how and whether a disbarred attorney may collect fees from clients.

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